Brief history of P.E.F.I.P.

The informal establishment of P.E.FI.P. took place on October 1, 1969 during the Baptism of four (4) children-brothers of a multi-child family with nine (9) children at that time, who later reached fifteen (15). This first multi-child family had immediate need for material as well as moral support. Thus, a philopolytecnic bystander, spontaneously thought of making a discreet publication of the family in a religious magazine, publishing the photo of the baptism and the family. The publication had a direct and double effect, namely the discovery-acquaintance of other multi-child families with 10 or more children, but also the creation of a group of multi-child families supporters and patrons, which resulted in the establishment of the Association in November 1971 and its legalization in May of 1972.

The purpose of the Association was and remains the moral and material support of the needy families, especially those large multi-child families, through the optional contributions-donations of friends and patrons.

But while by the end of 1978 the number of well-known families in the Association was over 200 and the income of the Association was limited, since then there has been an almost vertical increase in both the number of families and its donated income. This was done and continues thanks to the publication and free circulation of the well-known quarterly magazine of the Association “Greek Orthodox Polytechnic Family”.

During the last 45 years (1969-2014), P.E.FI.P. supported materially and morally about 10,000 super-large and large families, from all over Greece and Cyprus, of which 8,000 are already in the archive, while about 2,000 are in the current register of the Association. P.E.FI.P provides regular and emergency financial aid as well as material goods to the large families in need.

However, the most important project of P.E.FI.P. is the rescue from endangered abortions of unborn children as well as the birth of children after the live briefing of P.E.FI.P. for the blessed procreation, in fact through the magazine “Greek Orthodox Large Family”. Also important is the informative contribution of P.E.FI.P. for the acute Greek Demographic Problem.

For the ongoing project from the beginning until today, P.E.FI.P. has accepted the blessing and recommendation of the Mother Church, while it has been awarded by the Academy of Athens and praised by many State Agencies and Organizations.