Welcome to the website of the
“Panhellenic Union of Friends of Multi- Child Families” (P.E.FI.P.)

The Family is the primary and irreplaceable natural bond and moral-social institution, where Man experiences and learns all the Values ​​and indeed the eternal evaluative-cultural triptych: Family-Homeland-Religion.

For M. Vasilios, Man is first a “familial being” and a “social being” and then a “political being” according to Aristoteli and is not a normal being, when he is cut off from his parental and personal FAMILY..

Especially today,when the institution of the FAMILY in general is going through a great crisis and in our country unprecedented in its history, the biggest contemporary THEME – SPECTACLE – WONDER the Large and indeed the Ultra-large Family.

The Purpose of P.E.FI.P. it is the moral and material support of the Large and Ultra Large Family.

Here you will find information about our Union, its social work, our latest news, the latest issue of our Magazine “Greek Orthodox MULTIPLE FAMILY” (E.P.O.), as well as an ARCHIVE of its previous issues.